Healing Discipline in a Nutshell:
Understand causes of shocking misbehavior in the classroom
and simple, practical steps you can implement today.

In this 2 1/2 hour, 13 part video training course, participants will get a introduction to causes of severe behavior, the healing environment and strategies for working with students with severe emotional and behavioral problems.

Objectives for the one day training:

  • Participants will learn what a Healing Environment is.
  • Participants will gain a better understanding of the underlying causes of severe behavior, which includes trauma, attachment, development, temperament, and entitlement.
  • Techniques will be learned on how to manage disciplinary problems in the classroom.

Pricing Plan for Healing Discipline in an Nutshell


Individual Viewing

​Registrants will have up to six months to view the webinar; however, after a registrant receives the CEUs she/he will no longer have access to the content. 

This course is for individual viewing only. If it is shared with others it is copyright infringement and subject to copyright laws. If interested in having multiple people view this course, purchase the group plan.


Group Viewing

​Registrants will have up to six months to view the webinar. 

Price is for a large group to view this course at the same time (i.e. for school training, etc.). Violating the terms of this agreement could result in copyright infringement.